The Waterfall Manifesto for Realistic Software Development

After participating to and observing many software development projects in recent years, we have reached the sad conclusion that there will never be better ways of developing software on this planet. While the principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development may look appealing for inexperienced developers, serious professionals know that the real world is […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This is obviously true for me when I look at cartoons that can summarise many things in just a small strip. Look at the last production from Bug Bash to present a good view of many software development processes. Be careful: if you like it, you may spend a long time laughing when browsing the […]

700th Software Development Article

The Software Development Article Directory has just registered its 700th article with “What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?” ;o) This article is an interesting digression of the differences between software development and software engineering that evolves in a comparison of the agile and planned approaches to software development using the differences between the […]

Game & Software Development Essays

Surfing the Web last week, I found this interesting blog, Lost Garden, written by Danc, a guy with experience in game design and programming. Most of the posts are devoted to game interface and I like the taste of the author for illustrations. Programmers will find interesting and humorous observations on user interface and about […]