Google Stealth Acquisition of Instantiations

Google has recently bought Instantiations, the editor of Java, GWT, Struts and Ajax software development tools. On the Instantiations web site, the company says: “Yes it’s true. Instantiations’ award-winning Java and Ajax development tools and our incredible Eclipse team have been acquired by Google. We are all very excited about taking our technology and team […]

Scrum Planet Looking for Scrum Blogs

Scrum Planet is a web site that aggregates for RSS feeds focused on Scrum and agile project management. If you know about a good blog feed that is missing from the current roster, I would be please to add it. Thanks for your cooperation.

State of Agile Development Survey

Time is running out to make sure your experiences implementing and scaling agile are part of this year’s survey results. Remember, this is not a vendor survey, it is a survey to gauge the overall state of agile adoption in the software development community. Please take part in this survey and get the chance to […]