Software Testing Training

The last Methods & Tools poll asked the following question: “How many weeks of training on software testing have you completed in your professional life?” The results were interesting as most of the participants located themselves on both extreme of the proposed range: 37% had no software testing training and 28% had more than one […]

Software Requirements Free Format

The last Methods & Tools asked the following question: “Which format is used to express requirements in your organization?” Free text 36% User Stories 23% UML Use Cases 20% Other format 7% Requirements are not formalized 14% Participants: 325 Ending date: April 2011 Source: Methods & Tools Requirements Survey The positive result is that 86% […]

Load Testing Tools Usage

The last Methods & Tools survey wanted to determine the level of adoption of load testing tools in organizations. It asked the following question: “Do you use a tool for load / performance testing?” I use tools for load testing 48% My organization has tools, but my project or I do not use them 20% […]