Money is Back for Software Tools… Or Maybe Not

The beginning of 2015 has seen a wave of new financing for software development tools companies. Mulesoft, Docker, Sauce Labs, Neo Technology, MongoDB, EnterpriseDB or CloudBees are some of the organizations that have received up to $130 million dollars to develop their activities. Even if not all companies will earn money on the long-term, this […]


At a time when the crowdfunding and microfinance initiatives are growing in different domains, it is also important to ask ourselves what we could do to make the (software development) world a better place. In this domain, I would like to share with you the initiative of CodersTrust that works currently with software developers in […]

The Virtue of Purgatory in Software Development

Having some decade of experience in software development behind me, I had the time to accumulate a lot of mistakes. One of the recurring patterns in these failures was the ambition to solve code issues too quickly. This was especially the case when the problem was related to code that I wrote, which made me […]