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I am glad to celebrate that there are now more than 1000 software development related videos and tutorials categorized on SoftDevTube.com. It is also the time to thank all the conferences and independent producers that allow us to offer this knowledge to the software development community.

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Java-TV.com is a directory of videos, interviews and tutorials focused on software development activities with the Java programming language.

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SoftDevTube.com is a repository of videos, interviews and tutorials focused on all software development activities: Coding (Java, .NET, ruby, python, C/C++, C#)  Agile Methodologies (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, TDD), Software Testing, Software Configuration Management, Database Management, Rich Interface Application (Ajax, Flex, Silverlight, JavaFx), Software Project Planning and Management, Software Architecture, etc.
Some of the recent interesting additions:
Distributed SCRUM as a Supplier – one year after

Taming the Beast: How to test an AJAX Application

Your Car Passed Inspection, But What About Your Software?

[15 Aug 2008 | Comments Off | ]

In software engineering, aspects are concerns that cut across multiple modules. They can lead to the common problems of concern tangling and scattering: concern tangling is where software concerns are not represented independently of each other; concern scattering is where a software concern is represented in multiple remote places in a software artifact. Although aspect-oriented programming is relatively well understood, aspect-oriented modeling (i.e., the representation of aspects during requirements engineering, architecture, design) is still rather immature.

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Agile Estimating and Planning” author, and Agile Alliance co-founder, Mike Cohn, provides detailed, proven techniques for estimating and planning any Agile project.
Agile Estimating and Planning supports any agile, semiagile, or iterative process, including Scrum, XP, Feature-Driven Development, Crystal, Adaptive Software Development, DSDM, Unified Process, and many more. It will be an indispensable resource for every development manager, team leader, and team member.

Mike Cohn is the founder Mountain Goat Software, a process and project management consultancy that specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile processes and …