Writing Easy to Maintain Code

Wikimedia software developer and Software Craftmanship advocate Jeroen De Dauw discusses about how to maintain code. A significant amount of time is spend on reading code, sometimes more than on writing code.

The Silver Bullet Syndrome

We love our silver bullets don’t we? We are constantly chasing the dream that the next big thing will solve all our past problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a language, framework, platform or library, we’re out there chasing it. Why?

Managing Programmers

Programmers are not like the other kids. They cannot and should not be managed like normal people if your intent is to produce high quality software. The things you would do to make the process go faster will actually make things go slower. This session gives you insight on the care and feeding of programmers, […]

Software Architecture for Rookies

How frequently have you encountered people who are neither coding- nor tech-savvy discussing software architecture? How frequently are they decision-makers? Yes, it happens, and everyone who experiences it knows what it causes. The point is to find a way to talk about software architecture with all interested stakeholders (even if they are business/product people who […]

Grady Booch: The Future of Software Engineering

No matter what future we may envision, it relies on software that has not yet been written. Even now, software-intensive systems have woven themselves into the interstitial spaces of civilization, and we as individuals and as a species have slowly surrendered ourselves to computing. Looking back, we can identify several major and distinct styles whereby […]