Eleven 2010 Conferences Videos Web Sites That You Could Explore to Be Smarter in 2011

We don’t have the time or the budget to go to all software development conferences around the world. Fortunately, more and more conferences offers now on the web videos of their past sessions. You will find here a selection of web sites that you can visit to improve your software development knowledge.

European Javas

If JavaOne was absorbed by OracleWorld, you can however still find some pure Java conferences like Jazoon held at the beginning of June in Zurich, Switzerland. I had the chance to be there and recommend you to check the “97 things every programmer should know” presentation by Kevin Henley. All Jazoon’s videos are hosted on Parleys.com where you could find other Java videos and you could also watch the Devoxx 2010 videos for 79 euros.

Googling for knowledge

Google is more and more active in the software development world with tools like Android, GWT or Google Apps. You can find information about these technologies at the Google I/O 2010 conference. You can even find there reminders of what Google Wave should have been. ;o) If your are interested in software testing, look at the videos of the Google Test Automation conference (GTAC)

Directly from Redmond

The big company that a lot of developers love to hate has many Technical Education (Tech Ed) conferences located all around the world. Besides the proprietary offer of Microsoft, you can find in their videos some software development knowledge that goes beyond Microsoft’s platform. Don’t be too much upset by the initial “silverlight required” signs that you might see. Most of the videos can be downloaded in MP4 format. If you are more on the web development domain, check also the videos of the MIX conferences.


Talking about web development lead us to the Adobe platform offering with products like Flex or Coldfusion that are discussed at the Adobe Max conference.

Programming Pearls

The ruby programming community has a large number of events. You can find a lot of videos on the Confreaks.net web site. Explore them even if you are not a ruby programmer, because there are often interesting content on topics outside ruby code. Python fan should go the Pycon conference channel on blip.tv to catch back the content of 2009 and 2010 US conferences.

A Little Bit of Everything with Agility

As we are experiencing a harsh winter in the Northern Hemisphere, you might prepare yourself to this type of climate if you assist to two Nordic conferences, Oredev and the Norwegian Developer Conference. These conferences cover many topics from agile approaches to Java and .NET programming issues. This year you can watch talks by Mike Cohn, Uncle Bob Martin or Henrik Kniberg. For at “pure” Agile conference, I recommend the excellent content provided by the Agile Central Europe conference.

Further Watching

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the above list, visit the software development video and tutorial directory that offers you more than 2000 tagged and classified videos to improve your software development knowledge. If you want to plan for 2011 conferences, monitor the Software Development Conferences web site.

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