Jazoon Reports: Value of Objects and Maven 3.0 Talks

Kevlin Henney presented a lively talk about the concepts of object and value in software development. Kevlin is a lively and wise presenter, so don’t miss this guy if you have the chance to be at a conference where he speaks. His talk was a kind of philosophical musing even if he was always firmly rooted in programming.

It is difficult for me to summarize all the ideas that were discussed, but here are some nice quotes excerpted from this presentation (I hope to be precise, but all misunderstanding are my own responsibility):
* As a profession software development do a mess of words
* If you are using java.util.date, you must be tired of life
* Typing is not the bottleneck in software development
* Every time a mock returns a mock, a fairy dies
* Don’t confuse the ideas of the programming language with the essence of what you are trying to express.

Matthew McCullough made a very interesting presentation of the improvements that will be available with Maven 3, currently in its final beta testing period. The new version will be faster and have a smaller footprint, due to a codebase reduced by 30%. The software has been transformed in a code library that allows a better integration with third party tools. An important improvement is the possibility to define your configuration in different languages (ruby, groovy, scala, clojure) with polyglot maven. He also presented the last version of m2eclipse that he likes for its ability to visualize dependencies and to provide tools for an easier refactoring.

Slides of all the presentations of Jazoon are now available on the conference web site . Videos will be published late on the excellent Parleys web site.