Software Development Conferences Forecast February 2015

Here is a list of software development related conferences and events on Agile ( Scrum, Lean, Kanban), software testing and software quality, software architecture, programming (Java, .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP) and databases (NoSQL, MySQL, etc.) that will take place in the coming weeks and that have media partnerships with the Methods & Tools software development magazine.

QCon London, March 2-6 2015, London, UK
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Wearables TechCon, March 9-11 2015, Santa Clara, USA
Use code WEARIT for a $200 conference discount off the 3-day pass

ACE!, March 16-17 2015, Krakow, Poland

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, March 16-19 2015, Boston, USA
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Mini XP Day Benelux, April 3 2015, Mechelen, Belgium

Agile ME Summit, April 12 2015, Dubai, UAE

Mobile Dev + Test Conference, April 12-17 2015, San Diego, USA
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ProgSCon London, April 17 2015, London, UK

O’Reilly Fluent Conference, April 20-22 2015, San Francisco, USA
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Internet of Things, April 23 2015, Lund Sweden
Call for Paper is open until March 15

Big Data TechCon, April 26-28 2015, Boston, USA
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SEI SATURN Software Architecture Conference, April 27-30 2015, Baltimore, USA

STAREAST – Software Testing Conference, May 3-8 2015, Orlando, FL, USA
Register by April 3 using code SECM and save up to an additional $200 plus early bird pricing

GOTO Chicago, May 11-15 2015, Chicago, USA

Baltic DevOps, May 12 2015, Tallinn, Estonia

GeeCon, May 13-15 2015, Krakow, Poland

Romanian Testing Conference, May 14-15 2015, Cluj Napoca, Romania

At The Frontend, May 27 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark
Call for Paper is open until March 31

Security Conf, May 28 2015, Stockholm Sweden
Call for Paper is open until March 31

I T.A.K.E. Unconference, May 28-29 2015, Bucharest, Romania

Big Apple Scrum Day, June 1 2015, New York, USA
Call for proposal until February 28, 2015

TopConf Bucharest, June 8-10 2015, Bucharest, Romania

GOTO Amsterdam, June 17-19 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Call for Papers ends March 15

Agile2015, August 3-7, 2015, Washington, D.C., USA

Find a more complete list of upcoming  software development conferences for programmers, software testers and project managers, including those where Methods & Tools is not a media partner. If you are organizing a software development conference (programming, agile, software testing, database, etc.) and you want to increase your visibility for free with Methods & Tools, just contact us on the Methods & Tools web site.

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