Software Development Conferences Forecast June 2014

Here is a list of software development related conferences and events on Agile ( Scrum, Lean, Kanban) software testing and software quality, programming (Java, .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP) and databases (NoSQL, MySQL, etc.) that will take place in the coming weeks and that have media partnerships with the Methods & Tools software development magazine.

AGILE2014, July 28 – August 1, Orlando, USA

Agile on the Beach, September 4-5 2014, Falmouth in Cornwall, UK

SPTechCon, September 16-19 2014, Boston, USA

STARWEST, October 12-17 2014, Anaheim, USA

JAX London, October 13-15 2014,London, UK

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, October 20-22 2014, Portland, USA

Big Data TechCon, October 27-29 2014, San Francisco

Find a more complete list of upcoming  software development conferences for programmers, software testers and project managers, including those where Methods & Tools is not a media partner. If you are organizing a software development conference (programming, agile, software testing, database, etc.) and you want to increase your visibility for free with Methods & Tools, just contact us on the Methods & Tools web site

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