XP Day 2010 – Edition Suisse – Call for submission

Banking on the success of the first XP Day – Edition Suisse, the organizing committee has decided to go back to work and launch a call for submission for the 2010 iteration. The conference will take place on Monday, March 29th, 2010. The fundamental rules have not changed: if you want to share your experience or knowledge about agility, to debate on some new idea, or to being forth anything that can contribute to agility, we need your contribution.

Iteration 2010 of the XP Day Edition Suisse is your opportunity to express yourself on the following subjects:
– Project management,
– Tools,
– Practices,
– Customer contracts,
– Transitions toward agile methodologies,
And more!…

Compared to last year, we are planning to explore new directions:
– Workshops and interactive sessions will be privileged over other types of presentations;
– A open space room will be booked,
– English speakers will be welcome.

The conference shall be organized in parallel session tracks, each track taking place in a room for 50 participants. All sessions will last 1 hour and a strict synchronization of the sessions between each track will ensure that participants can chose at any time their favorite presentation. Each speaker will have a 1 minute time slot during a plenary session to entice participants to attend his/her presentation.

Proposals for a presentation can be made by filling the submission form http://xpday.agile-swiss.org/uploads/formulaire_xpday_switzerland_10.rtf and by sending the filling form to the organizing committee at contribution10 AT agile-swiss DOT org. Submissions must be received before or on January 17th, 2010 at the latest.

Because of the structure of the conference, sessions are limited to 1 hour, although one can envision a 2 hour workshop. Creativity and interactivity will be the top selection criteria. Speakers of selected presentations will have a free registration to the conference. Travel expenses, however, will not be reimbursed. A special speaker room with Internet access will be available. The selection committee shall communicate the selected presentations and final program by February 14th, 2010.

XP Day 2010 – Edition Suisse is supported by the association Agile Suisse.

More information on http://xpday.ch/

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