My 10 + 1 Favorite Unit Testing Articles

This is a (personal) list of articles dealing with unit testing that I like. I have chosen to include material that is longer than the usual (short) blog posting. I encourage readers to give more objectivity to this subjective set by submitting in the comments what they preferred ;o)

Test Flexibly with AspectJ and Mock Objects

Automation for the People: Continuous testing

Exploring The Continuum Of Test Doubles

Unit Testing With C#

End to End, or, Another Run on the Hamster Wheel of Life

In Pursuit of Code Quality: Unit Testing Ajax Applications

Apply Test-Driven Development to your Database Projects

What It Means to Mock: Isolating Units for Testing

Unit testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) for Flex and ActionScript 3.0

Unit testing Web 2.0 applications using the Dojo Objective Harness

A Guide to Testing Rails Applications

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