Software Development Linkopedia December 2015

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about hiring software developers, mobile testing, self-organization, technical debt, Agile testing, product prioritization, menu design, project estimating, Agile learning and Devops in large organizations.

Blog: How to Onboard Software Engineers – Interview with Kate Heddleston
Blog: Android UI Automated Testing
Blog: What We Got Wrong About Self-Management
Blog: On Technical Debt

Article: Why Organizations Don’t Learn
Article: Using Models to Help Plan Tests in Agile Projects
Article: 20 Product Prioritization Techniques: A Map and Guided Tour
Article: Menu Design: Checklist of 15 UX Guidelines to Help Users

Tools: JMock is an open source mocking library that supports Java test-driven development (TDD).
Tools: DbFit is an open source for Test-driven database development

Video: Estimates or #NoEstimates?
Video: Stop Hating your Test Suite
Video: Aesthetics and the Evolution of Code
Video: Create an Agile Learning Organization for Developers
Video: Devops in Large Companies

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