Software Development Linkopedia February 2012

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Web Site: IT Kanban Framework

Web Site : Wide Teams is a blog and podcast about geographically dispersed teams

Web Site: Effective Scala

Blog: 7 Deadly Sins of Automated Software Testing

Blog: Use cases vs user stories in Agile development

Article: Transition to Agile Testing

Article: Guidelines for Java Testable Design

Article: Three Pillars of Project Management

Article: Cumulogic Java PaaS Strategy

Tool: Yakindu open source model-driven development of embedded systems

Tool: Online Burndown Charts

Video: Dysfunctional Project Reporting

Video: How Agile and Lean Changed my Organization

Video: Remote Programmer

Video: Onion Architecture With ASP.NET MVC

Video: Building Frameworks by Yehuda Katz

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