Software Development Linkopedia February 2021

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about stable code, mutation testing, team management, software architecture documentation, design thinking, onboarding developers, API testing, Agile & Covid-19 and open source test reporting tools.

Software Development Linkopedia February 2021

Text: Write Stable Code using Coupling Metrics
Text : Some notes on running new software in production
Text: 5 steps for Disagreeing Effectively
Text: An intro to Mutation Testing – or why coverage sucks
Text: 20 Unagile Things to Avoid Saying and Some Better Alternatives
Text: Here’s a Simple Way to Hold Your Team Accountable
Text: Documenting Software Architecture Decisions
Text: Design Thinking: The Learner’s Journey

Video: Successfully Onboarding a Junior Developer. How you onboard someone to your software development team can have lasting effects on their professional success, growth, and happiness, but many teams treat onboarding as an afterthought. With this talk, you will learn how to successfully onboard a junior software developer in three steps, with the goals of building their trust, instilling confidence in their technical abilities, and enabling them to be an autonomous contributor to your team.
Video: Monoliths Between Microservices. Ruby on Rails applications tend to turn into giant monoliths software architecture. Keeping the codebase maintainable usually requires architectural changes. Microservices? A distributed monolith is still a monolith. What about breaking the code into pieces and rebuild a monolithic puzzle out of them?
Video: CI/CD Automation for Oracle Cloud Functions with Visual Builder Studio. Serverless computing is one of the more attractive aspects offered by cloud platforms like Oracle Cloud. It lets you focus on coding functionality and letting the provider take care of providing a dynamically scaling platform to run your code. Oracle is offering the Oracle Cloud Functions Service as a platform for hosting serverless functions.
Video: Oracle: Converting Rows to Columns and Back Again. Taking the values from rows and turning them into columns is a common request for Oracle DBA. Or the reverse – take values from columns and turn them into rows. These are easy in Oracle Database with the PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators. This video will show the ins and outs of these operations and cool tricks you can do with them.
Video: Learning Together: How to Share Knowledge Across Project Teams. Knowledge sharing is especially vital for distributed software development teams whose members work remotely, because sharing is what helps to spread expertise and thus support learning even at a distance. Project managers and team leaders play an important role in helping to facilitate knowledge sharing within software development project teams by fostering an open trusting environment, leading by example, setting expectations, facilitating opportunities for team members to share ideas and recognizing the contributions of individuals team members.
Video: API Testing from Entry Level to Expert. Have you seen a recent job posting for a software tester or software QA engineer? The majority of job descriptions have some requirement for API Testing experience. That is how important and in-demand the skills are for testing (let alone automating) an API.
Video: Agile Transformation in Times of COVID-19. Learn the experience of large Agile Transformation during turbulent times created by Covid-19. This describes how Scrum Masters changed the way of serving the organization, how you need to modify the approach and strategy of Agile Transformation and how this change impacts Scrum Teams.

Tools: Dbeaver is a free multi-platform database tool for developers, database administrators, analysts and all people who need to work with databases. Supports all popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, Teradata, Firebird, Apache Hive, Phoenix, Presto, etc.
Tools: VIVIDUS is a test automation tool that offers already implemented solution for testing of most popular application types. A target user of VIVIDUS is a test engineer without programming skills but some technical knowledge to allocate and specify controls and elements of the application to VIVIDUS (or any other application substances as DB/API dataset or UI visual objects). VIVIDUS provides a ready-to-use implemented language to write executable tests, it’s named – Test Actions Language. Test Actions Language is human-readable and written in Gherkin format to ensure the clarity of it to users of any technical level; on the other hand Test Actions Language is not limited to any specific application or domain as it’s commonly done in classical BDD approach.
Tools: Open Source Test Reporting Tools. Running automated tests is a good thing for software quality assurance. Now you have to understand the results of the current test run. You could also be interested to see how your tests results evolve over time. To achieve these goals, you need a tool to produce meaningful tests reports and there are some open source tools to help you do this.

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