Software Development Linkopedia January 2016

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about organizational debt, product owner types, flat structures, mature developers, keeping your head cool, working with UX, technical requirements management, software architecture, group problem-solving techniques and thinking slow in software development.

Blog: Organizational Debt is like Technical debt – but worse
Blog: Size Matters: Big vs. Small Product Owner
Blog: Flat Will Kill You, Eventually: Why Every Company Needs Structure
Blog: Mature Developers

Article: Calming Your Brain During Conflict
Article: Using a Kaizen Board to Boost Your Retrospectives
Article: How UX Professionals Collaborate on Deliverables
Article: Managing Technical Stories and Bugs
Article: Software Architecture: The What and Why

Tools: Enzyme is an open source JavaScript testing utility for React
Tools: Jerkar is a complete open source build system that uses pure Java to describe builds

Video: Group Problem-Solving Techniques
Video: Behavior-Driven Development for Java with Cucumber
Video: Ethnography in Software Design
Video: Applying a Software Testing Mindset to Software Development
Video: Thinking Fast & Slow in Software Development

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