Software Development Linkopedia January 2018

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about development philosophy, coding for testers, code review, Agile & UX, code reviews, priorities, training, coaching, exploratory testing and communities of practice.

Web site: World Retrospective Day, February 6 2018

Text: Our Development Philosophy (1): Architecture, Design Patterns and Programming Principles
Text: On Why the “Testers Should Know How to Code” Mantra could Hurt Us All
Text: Agile Is not Easy for UX: (How to) Deal with It
Text: How to Make Small Talk
Text: Crafting Better Code Reviews
Text: Can Do Vs Must Do
Text: Learning Tips for Certified Scrum Trainers (CST)

Video: Agile Coaching Nightmares
Video: Exploratory Testing Basics, Experiences & Future
Video: How to Interact with Software Developers
Video: Communities of Practice for Agile Organizations
Video: Test-Drive Your Database

Tools: DalekJS is an open source UI testing tool written in JavaScript
Tools: Eventum is a user friendly and very flexible issue tracking system
Tools: Open Source Database Testing Tools

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