Software Development Linkopedia July 2013

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management.  This month you will find information about pair programming, using software tests as documentation, using RUP practices with Scrum, reducing technical debt in an Agile way and making software testing fun again.

Blog: Automated Tests as Documentation
Blog: Misconceptions about testing
Blog: Does pair programming work?
Blog: Reinventing Agile: From Value to Solutions

Article: How to Uninstall Scrum
Article: RUP Practices That Could Help Scrum
Article: Applying Root Cause Analysis to Software Defects
Article: A Template for Software Requirements

Tools: Venus.js – Run your entire JS testing system with a single tool
Tools: Baboon Project – Detect merge conflicts in realtime

Video: Nobody will Train You but You
Video: Agile Approach to Reduce Technical Debt
Video: Embrace the Superteam
Video: Essentials of Product Development
Video: Making Software Testing Fun Again
Video: Common Mistakes in Scrum Sprint Review Meetings

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