Software Development Linkopedia June 2013

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management.  This month you will find information about how to improve your coding and avoid duplication, write good tests, improve your project management leadership style and manage software architecture concerns in Scrum projects.

Web site: Agile Dictionnary

Blog: Clean Code Cheat Sheet
Blog: Duplication is a Rampant Disease
Blog: What is a User Story?
Blog: Three Tips for New ScrumMasters

Article: Why Programmers Need Design Patterns to Communicate Effectively
Article: Spikes and the Effort-to-Grief Ratio
Article: Annotation based Dependency Injection in Spring 3 and Hibernate 3 Framework
Article: Secrets to Successful Automated Testing with Watir
Article: Best Practices to Integrate Software Architecture Needs in A Scrum Project

Tools: Selenide is a wrapper for Selenium WebDriver
Tools: Enhance PHP is a lightweight Open Source PHP unit testing framework

Video: Writing Well-Abstracted Self-Testing Automation
Video: Being Honest in Project Management
Video: Agile Requirements by Example
Video: Integrating the Object Oriented and Functional Styles in Design
Video: A Geek Guide to Leading Teams

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