Software Development Linkopedia June 2020

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about DevOps, product owners, agile testing, technical debt, self-selection, API testing, Kanban WIP, software architecture, serverless, mobile testing, retrospectives, features flagging.

Software Development Linkopedia June 2020

Text: The human scalability of “DevOps”
Text: The Perfect Product Owner
Text: BDD UI Automation via SpecFlow, C#, and Selenium
Text: How to Get Buy-in for Reducing Technical Debt
Text: Is team self-selection the obvious choice?
Text: A Comprehensive Guide to Contract Testing APIs in a Service Oriented Architecture
Text: Consumer-Driven Contracts: A Service Evolution Pattern
Text: Limiting Work in Progress (WIP) in Kanban

Video: Improving Software Architecture with Cats
Video: How to Help 500 Squads Towards Agile Maturity
Video: Testing and Release strategy for Native Android & iOS Apps
Video: Serverless Confusion
Video: The Art of Code
Video: Agile Retrospective Antipatterns
Video: Patterns & Anti-Patterns For Effective Feature Flagging

Tools: Insomnia is a set of open source tools to design and debug APIs. Insomnia Designer is a collaborative API Design tool for designing and managing OpenAPI specs. Insomnia Core is a desktop API client for REST and GraphQL that allows to quickly create and group requests, specify environment variables, authentication, generate code snippets, and more…
Tools: SourceOptics is an open source tool that provides analytics, reports, and graphs about how software engineering teams and projects operate. SourceOptics can work with any public or private git repository, including GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or SSH hosted repos. Once installed, SourceOptics enables better visibility into activities, improved organizational planning, rewarding of team or individual efforts, elimination of unconscious biases, and more effective hiring.
Tools: Open Source Bug Tracking Tools: Bugs, issue, defect, there are many names to define the problems you have with software, either during the development phase or when the application is already in production. Bug tracking tools are an integrated part of a software quality and software testing strategy and there are many open source tools available. Depending on your needs, you don’t need however to spend a lot of money to use a bug tracking system as there are many open source bug trackers that have many features, a good reputation and a long history.

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