Software Development Linkopedia March 2018

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting informations and opinions about team size, Google, better meetings, unit testing, communication, hyperproductive development, onion architecture, self-organization, the value of tests and example mapping.

Text: Re-structuring a growing team
Text: Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself
Text: On Better Meetings
Text: Mock? What, When, How?
Text: Hyperproductive development
Text: When is a Scrum Team Too Big?
Text: Software Testing Team Communication

Video: Onion Software Architecture With Stereotypes
Video: Extreme Self-Organization: A Workplace with No Managers
Video: High Cost and High Value Tests
Video: Example Mapping Introduction
Video: Lazy Java
Video: Scaling Software Engineering Teams

Tools: TestArmada makes cross-browser end-to-end testing fast, user-friendly, and valuable.
Tools: AutoMeter is an open source automation tool for scaling load tests using distributed slaves
Tools: Owl – Open Source RSpec Test Reporting Tool

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