Software Development Linkopedia May 2012

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Blogs: On the importance of focus and feedback

Blog: What’s New in Visual Studio 11 Beta Unit Testing

Blog: LSSC 2012 Quotes

Blog: Agile Coaching Tip: The Quiet Power of Silence

Article: The Role of the Product Owner in Moving a Backlog Item to Done

Article: Four Principles of Low-Risk Software Releases

Article: SOA and Cloud Computing

Article: Product Engineering is like Marathon Training

Article: Scrum and Agile Trac Plugins

Article: Software Testing Certifications

Tools: PESTT is an Eclipse plug-in for learning and designing unit tests for Java

Tools: Concordion+ is an extension to the Concordion agile testing tool

Video: Effective Strategies for Distributed Testing

Video: Hobbits Would Make Great Programmers

Video: Automated Acceptance Tests Maintenance

Video: Performance Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Multi-Mechanize

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