Software Development Linkopedia May 2021

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about software developers, agility, testing Android, OKRs, debugging, agile testing, engineering data quality, scaling Agile and continuous delivery.

Software Development Linkopedia May 2020

Text: Heisenberg Developers – You cannot observe a developer without altering their behavior
Text: What Agility Really is About
Text: Pushing the limits of AndroidX Test
Text: Engineering Management & Leadership Reads
Text: Attention Is My Most Valuable Asset for Productivity as a Software Developer
Text: The challenge of testing Data Pipelines
Text: Delivering Agile Value
Text: State of Testing Report 2021

Book review: Succeeding with OKRs in Agile “OKRs” is the acronym of “Objectives and Key Results.” This is a collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set goals with measurable results. In his book “Succeeding with OKRs in Agile”, Allan Kelly explains why he considers that “OKRs have the potential to reawaken the early ambition and drive inherent in agile. This time managers can join in too, not as obstacles to change, or change drivers, but as partners focused on the same outcomes for a greater purpose.”

Video: Debugging Techniques for Uncertain Times When we learn to code, we focus on writing features while we understand what the code is doing. When we debug, we don’t understand what our code is doing. The less we understand, the less likely it is that our usual programming mindset – the one we use for feature development – can solve the problem.
Video: Java Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber This video demonstrates how to work with Java and Cucumber and how to add new features to a Java application following the BDD style that provides requirements documentation and Agile testing benefits.
Video: Engineering Data Quality
Garbage in, garbage out – we have all heard about the importance of data quality. Having high quality data is essential for all types of use cases, whether it is reporting, anomaly detection, or for avoiding bias in machine learning applications. But where does high quality data come from? How can one assess data quality, improve quality if necessary, and prevent bad quality from slipping in?
Video: The Forensics of Software Testing This presentation puts the role of the software tester under the microscope and discusses how software testers can learn from the research and work that criminal investigators do today, how to use hard facts, as well as hidden facts, to determine a trustworthy conclusion.
Video: We Are SAFe, But Are We Agile? This presentation shares in details how Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken implemented the SAFe agile framework, creating tribes, agile teams, iterations, PI Planning, Review, Backlogs or Kanban portfolio. The presenter adds a “but” to this, as the organization still does not know the priorities, requirements and their roles

Tools: Drone is an open source Continuous Delivery system built on container technology. Drone uses a simple YAML configuration file, a superset of docker-compose, to define and execute Pipelines inside Docker containers.
Tools: Webtau (short for web test automation) is an open source testing API, command line tool and a framework to write unit, integration and end-to-end tests. Test across REST-API, Graph QL, Browser, Database, CLI and Business Logic with consistent set of matchers and concepts. REPL mode speeds-up tests development. Rich reporting cuts down investigation time.
Tools: Selenium Drag and Drop Bug Workaround Have you ever met a widely known Selenium issue that drag and drop gesture doesn’t work for Selenium in some cases? This bug has been around for years and Dmitrii Bormotov will tell you how to resolve it, especially in just a few lines of code if you use Python.

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