Software Development Linkopedia November 2012

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Web site: UML Design Patterns for Visual Studio

Blog: Why code reviews are good for you

Blog: How To Lead High-Performance Distributed Teams

Blog: Software Testing is a Game

Blog: What’s the Culture on Your Project?

Article: Rules to Successful Projects

Article: Who Should I Listen To? Prioritizing Organizational Stakeholders

Article: Logging Bugs on Mobile Applications Testing

Article: Agile Project Wall Estimation

Article: 21 Methods to Engage and Retain Your Product Owner in an Agile Project (PDF)

Tools: JSHint is a tool to detect errors in JavaScript

Tools:    TFS Integration Platform

Video: Moving from Scrum to Kanban

Video: Deleting Code Is Hard And You Should Do It

Video: Unit Testing Patterns With Mocks and Fakes

Video: 7 Things How to Make Good Teams Great

Video: Java Continuous Delivery

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