Software Development Linkopedia October 2012

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Blog: Back to the future: Product Backlog Templates!

Blog: Why I Migrated Away From MongoDB

Blog: Rolling Out TSP Organizational Performance Improvement: A Case Study

Blog: Software Architecture cheat sheet

Article: Influencing the Adoption of Software Engineering Methods Using Social Software (PDF)

Article: Modern Mocking Tools and Black Magic

Article: Working with Component Teams: How to Navigate the Complexity

Article: Increasing Team Productivity (PDF)

Video: People: the Missing Ingredient in Software Development

Tools: Ivoire, a simple BDD testing framework for Python

Tools: Anemometer, a MySQL slow query monitor

Video: User Experience Driven Development: Code for your Users not your Tests

Video: Design Patterns for .NET Programmers

Video: Defective Java

Video: Busting the Myths of Behaviour Driven Development

Video: Readable Code and How to Achieve it

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