Software Development Linkopedia September 2012

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Blog: Unit Testing Views in Spring MVC

Blog: Requirements Elicitation

Blog: Coaching a Scrum Master on a Struggling Team

Blog: Why Size?

Article: A Scrum Master Is Not a Project Manager by Another Name

Article: 37signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO’s Model? His Cleaning Lady

Article: Mobile Application Testing on a Shoestring

Article: Why You Should Not Estimate in Hours or Days

Article: Big Data Lambda Architecture

Tools: Test’em ‘Scripts – a test runner that makes Javascript unit testing fun

Tools: Contracts for Java – annotate your code with contracts in the form of preconditions, postconditions and invariants.

Video: Managing Exploratory Software Testing

Video: Replacing Requirements with Hypotheses

Video: State of Kanbanland

Video: Crafting Wicked Domain Models

Video: Maven versus Gradle

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