Software Linkopedia November 2011

Here is our selection of interesting knolwedge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Web site:  SymbolHound a search engine for programmers and coders

Blog: More about distributed Scrum – one example

Blog: Dan North at Oredev: Embrace Uncertainty

Blog: How Mature Is Your Continuous Integration?

Article: Understanding the Concept of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Article: Design Peer Reviews the ATAM Style

Article: Building the Right Scope

Article: MongoDB vs. RDBMS Schema Design

Tools: Robolectric – Test-Drive Your Android Code

Tool: Spinach – a BDD framework that features encapsulation and modularity

Video: Secrets of World Class Software Organizations

Video: Software Testing is Dead

Video: Successful Agile Planning: An Iteration How-to

Video: Metrics for Better Software Teams

Video: Java Security Trends

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