Methods & Tools Spring 2012 Issue Preview

The Methods & Tools Software Development Magazine Spring 2012 should be e-mailed March 21. Spring 2012 issue’s content:

* The Most Popular Specification Collaborative Models: Gojko Adzic interviewed a number of teams to see how they approached collaboration on specifications. Their approaches varied greatly, from large all-hands workshops to smaller workshops, and even to informal conversations. In this article, based on chapter 6 of Specification by Example, Adzic describes the most common collaboration models along with specific benefits of each

* The Risk-Driven Model of Software Architecture: Developers have access to more architectural design techniques than they can afford to apply. The Risk-Driven Model guides developers to do just enough Agile architecture by identifying their project’s most pressing risks and applying only architecture and design techniques that mitigate them. The key element of the Risk-Driven Model is the promotion of risk to prominence. It is possible to apply the Risk-Driven Model to essentially any software development process, such as waterfall or agile, while still keeping within its spirit.

* MVP Foundations for Your GWT Application: The MVP pattern is extremely useful when building large, web-based applications with GWT. Not only does it help make code more readable, and subsequently more maintainable, it also makes it much easier to implement new features, optimizations, and automated testing. This article from the book GWT in Action  discusses MVP implementation.

* Automated Testing of ASP.NET MVC Applications: This article discusses what the problems are with testing ASP.NET sites in general and how the ASP.NET MVC framework tries to solve them.

* Open Source Tool Presentations: Cubrid Database, Scala Build Tool, Guarana, TestNG

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