Methods & Tools Summer 2012 Issue Preview

The Methods & Tools Software Development Magazine Spring 2012 should be e-mailed June 24. Summer 2012 issue’s content:

* Creating an ATDD-ready Sprint Backlog: For every User Story from the Product Backlog that has been put into the Sprint Backlog in alignment with the overall Sprint Goal, a set of acceptance criteria are defined. Each of those acceptance criteria, one or more examples are specified. For each example an acceptance test is being written which will fail as the business functionality has not been programmed yet. The next step is to program the functionality in a TDD way.

* Introduction to DSDM Atern: Learn about this Agile approach to software development.

* Continuous Delivery with Maven: How to build a tool ecosystem around Maven to provide continuous delivery.

* Knowledge Management in the Software Organizations: Harvesting and managing knowledge in software development organizations.

* Open Telecommunications Platform with Erlang: How to use the Erlang language to provide an open telecommunication platform.

* Open Source Tool Presentations:  Mockito, Concordion, Robotium and JMeter plugins

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