MicroServices & Serverless, MantisBT and 2-plan Desktop in Methods & Tools Q4 2019 Articles

Here is a list of the articles published during the fourth quarter of 2019 on the Methods & Tools website. This quarter Methods & Tools has published articles about choosing between Microservices and Serverless architectures and a presentation of the MantisBT open source bug tracking tool and the 2-plan Desktop free project management software.

How To Choose Between Microservices and Serverless Architectures

Agile software development and continuous delivery are changing the view of organizations on their software architecture and its evolution. Two current architecture trends, Microservices and Serverless, try to answer these challenges. This article aims to answer the questions you might have about their benefits and disadvantages and to help you to make the right choice for your software architecture future. Read more on http://www.methodsandtools.com/archive/microservicesandserverless.php

2-plan Desktop Free Project Management Software

2-plan Desktop is a free standalone and portable project management tool for project managers that works on all systems where you can find Java (Windows, MacOS, Linux). This app provides its own unique graphical project breakdown structure tool that covers the people, process and product components of a project. It offers a large feature that includes Gantt chart, textual and graphical work breakdown structure (WBS), resource allocation graphs, mind maps and risk management. Read more on http://www.methodsandtools.com/tools/2plandesktop.php

MantisBT – Open Source Bug Tracking Tool

MantisBT (Mantis Bug Tracker) is an open source web-based bug tracking tool that has been available for more than 15 years and that offers an interface in 50 languages. The software provides ways to customize the user roles and the bug process workflow. Read more on http://www.methodsandtools.com/tools/mantisbt.php