Product Discovery Phase and Selenified in Methods & Tools Q3 2019 Articles

Here is a list of the articles published during the third quarter of 2019 on the Methods & Tools website. This quarter Methods & Tools has published articles about the product discovery phase and a presentation of the Selenified open source Selenium software testing extension for DevOps.

Helping Software Development with a Product Discovery Phase

In the software development, it is common that clients approach development agencies like ours with a product they want to create. However, sometimes these ideas involve a huge product or sometimes a smaller one, but it still has some undefined aspects; for example uncertainties about its potential users, its functionalities, monetization strategy, etc. which can make the estimation process difficult. This article explains what the Product Discovery process is all about and why it is essential for a successful software development project. Read more on

Selenified – Open Source Selenium Extension for DevOps

Selenified is an open source test framework that provides mechanisms for simply testing applications at multiple tiers while easily integrating into DevOps build environments. Selenified offers traceable reporting for both web and API testing, wraps and extends Selenium calls to more appropriately handle testing errors, and supports testing over multiple browsers in parallel, either locally or in the cloud. It can be a great starting point for building or improving test automation in your organization. Read more on

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