Product Owners, Software Architects & Open Source Testing in Methods & Tools Q1 2018 Articles

Here is a list of the articles published during the first quarter of 2018 on the Methods & Tools website. This quarter Methods & Tools has published articles discussing hiring of Scrum product owners or software architects. We also published two articles presenting open source software testing tools: PerfCake is a lightweight performance testing tool and Owl is a RSpec test reporting tool.

How To Hire Product Owners

Many companies try to hire Product Owners (or Product Managers) with “many years of previous experience from the role” and with “many years of experience from their specific technical solution” or product but that is looking for a needle in a haystack (wishful thinking), prone to bias because eventually, and instead of waiting for this unique person to come along, you select the person you liked the most, and you risk hiring someone poorly matched to your needs and conditions. Read more on

How to Get Hired (or Promoted) as a Software Architect

Becoming a software architect does not necessarily mean that you must leave your job and start looking for a new one. Most of the time, people transition successfully into architect positions within the same organizations. This is a win-win situation for both employer and employee. The most important asset you have when employed with the same company for a long time is business and culture knowledge. Organizations try to retain long-term employees by offering them promotion opportunities because they have demonstrated that they can successfully do the job but also because they possess business knowledge and intelligence. Read more on

PerfCake – Lightweight Open Source Performance Testing Tool

PerfCake is an open source performance testing tool and a load generator with the aim to: 1) be minimalistic, 2) easy to use, 3) provide stable and repeatable results, 4) have minimum influence on the measured system, 5) be platform independent, 6) use component design, 7) allow high throughput. Read more on

Owl – Open Source RSpec Test Reporting Tool

Owl is an open source tool used for the reporting and presentation of tests results achieved using the RSpec open source testing tool. Read more on