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Some of the last interesting additions to our Software Development Articles Directory:

* Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes
Application usability is enhanced when users know how to operate the UI and it guides them through the workflow. Violating common guidelines prevents both.

* Why Do I Need All That Process? I’m Only a Small Project
At Intel’s Information Technology (IT) department, we developed extensive processes for our projects. While the large projects get the glory, the majority of our projects are less than six months long, have small teams, limited scope, and low risk. We found that we have a variety of project sizes but a single set of processes originally built for larger projects. So how did we fix that issue?.

* Spiral Development: Experience, Principles, and Refinements
Spiral development is a family of software development processes characterized by repeatedly iterating a set of elemental development processes and managing risk so it is actively being reduced. This paper characterizes spiral development by enumerating a few “invariant” properties that any such process must exhibit. For each, a set of “variants” is also presented, demonstrating a range of process definitions in the spiral development family. Each invariant excludes one or more “hazardous spiral look-alike” models, which are also outlined. This report also shows how the spiral model can be used for a more cost-effective incremental commitment of funds, via an analogy of the spiral model to stud poker.

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