Software Development Linkopedia May 2014

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management.  This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about project estimation, how software developers feel about Agile, unit testing worst practices, team leadership, giving feedback in Scrum, software architecture, using commercial load testing and Scrum tools for free, sustainable Agile and data models for NoSQL databases.

Blog: Paying the Cost for More Precise Estimates
Blog: Where did all the developers go?
Blog: Getting Unit Testing to Fail
Blog: Real Teams Have Leaders!
Blog: The Software Chicken and the Egg

Article: Follow up with FEELING
Article: Five Ways to Optimize Encapsulation in Your Software Architecture
Article: Using Commercial Scrum Tools for Free
Article: Free Web Load Testing Services

Tools: Jest provides painless JavaScript unit testing
Tools: My Personal Kanban (MPK)

Video: Scaling Really Large Systems at Facebook
Video: State of the Union: Java Edition
Video: MOET: Mobile End-to-End Testing
Video: How Sustainable is your Agile?
Video: The Data Model is Dead

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