Google Stealth Acquisition of Instantiations

Google has recently bought Instantiations, the editor of Java, GWT, Struts and Ajax software development tools. On the Instantiations web site, the company says: “Yes it’s true. Instantiations’ award-winning Java and Ajax development tools and our incredible Eclipse team have been acquired by Google. We are all very excited about taking our technology and team to the next level – and there is no bigger step up than Google! We very much appreciate your patronage and interest through the years. As part of Google, we look forward to continuing to work with you. Please stay tuned for exciting new announcements coming soon on the Google Web Toolkit blog. Current Java and Ajax product customers — we are committed to making this a seamless transition for you. For a short period of time, new downloads of our products will be unavailable while we make the transition, but our service continues uninterrupted for those who have support agreements in place.”

The Smalltalk business will remain independent and their new web site is Mike Taylor will continue as President and CEO of the new Smalltalk-focused Instantiations. Founder Eric Clayberg will join Google, but will also continue as a Director/Board Member, technical advisor and major shareholder of Instantiations. John O’Keefe will assume an even stronger role guiding the technical development and advancement of VAST.

This acquisition is however not mentioned neither in Google Official Blog or Google Press Releases . On an Instantiations forum posting titled “Seamless migration to Google” , a customer complains that “Unless I’ve missed something the website is no longer available and the support emails just bounce back ? What am I doing wrong ?” It seems that the communication was lacking not only to the external world but also towards Instantiations customers. Mail to my contact is effectively bouncing…

I can understand that this acquisition may be a minor action in Google exciting life. For instance the press release section of Google doesn’t mention also that will stop deploying the Google Wave technology. This is what you call an “update” in PR language ;o)

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One thought on “Google Stealth Acquisition of Instantiations

  1. Google plans to make appropriate announcements on the Google Web Toolkit blog in the near future. With the exception of a few minor outages due to server migration and DNS propagation, e-mail has continued to flow without any problem (if you had an email bounce, you should resend it). All Instantiations customers were notified by email of the acquisition. Customers with support contracts were also provided with new Google support email addresses to use (the user referenced in the article was not a paid support customer). A large number of them also received personal calls from our sales team. Users without support contracts are encouraged to continue to use the product support forums (as was the referenced user). There has been zero interruption in product support as promised.

    -Eric Clayberg
    Google (formerly Instantiations)

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