Game & Software Development Essays

Surfing the Web last week, I found this interesting blog, Lost Garden, written by Danc, a guy with experience in game design and programming. Most of the posts are devoted to game interface and I like the taste of the author for illustrations. Programmers will find interesting and humorous observations on user interface and about […]

And the Buyer is…. IBM

Last Monday Telelogic issued a statement saying that it had received a conditional takeover proposal for all the issued and outstanding shares in the company. We asked then who the buyer could be. We did not have to wait for long as today Telelogic board announces that it accepts the offer from IBM. Bo Dimert, […]

New Conferences Partnerships

Methods & Tools is proud to have been chosen as media partner by Software Test & Performance Conference 2007, October 2-4, 2007, Boston, USA EclipseWorld 2007, November 6-8 2007, Reston, VA, USA

The Relative Importance of Web Development

If you follow the evolution of software development on Internet, you may have the impression that every new development is Web based and that the main areas of concern are whether you should develop new application with Ruby on Rail or if you should choose Flash rather than Ajax for the interface. However, if you […]