More Offshoring than Outsourcing in Software Development

Outsourcing is often closely related to offshoring in software development, but you can outsource onshore and you can create offshore subsidiaries. This seems to be the current trend for large occidental organisation that want to profit for lower costs in countries like India, but maintain a high control on the process. However, developers in Europe […]

Agility and Discipline Made Easy

The goal of this book is to present good practices for software development that are based on OpenUP and RUP, but independently from these processes. The practices are grouped according to six principles: Demonstrate value iteratively Focus continuously on quality Balance stakeholder priorities Collaborate across teams Elevate the level of abstraction Adapt the process For […]

New Conferences Partnerships

Methods & Tools is proud to have been chosen this week as media partner by Qcon London, March 12-16 2007, London, UK Eclipse Forum Europe 2007 April 23-27 2007, Wiesbaden, Germany International PHP Conference 2007 May 21 ­ 23 2007, Ludwigsburg, Germany

A Gem About Ruby

When I surf the Web to find articles for my software development articles directory, I discover a lot of very interesting content. Sometimes you find articles that are more than interesting: “Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby” is not just a great Ruby tutorial, it is an artwork ;o) Even if you do not program in Ruby, […]