Too Young to Die, Too Old for Programming?

“Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young to Die!” is a music album released in 1976 by Jethro Tull. Sometimes I feel disconnected with the current evolution of software development. I have the impression that part of the software development community advances ignoring or rejecting the past. Although the Agile Manifesto declares “while there […]

Spring 2007 Issue of Methods & Tools

In this issue you will find an interesting experience report on software process improvement, a detailed how-to article on modelling by one of the father of Information Engineering, an insightful reflection on how to build trust in a hierarchy relationship and finally a approach to improve the release of software products. Spring 2007 issue’s content: […]

Slow Developer Growth in the USA?

A recent Evans Data survey was discussed in an InfoWorld article “Software developer growth slows in North America”. It┬átells us that the worldwide software developer population is expected to grow from 14.5 million now to 19.5 million in 2010. North America will account for only 18 percent of those jobs in 2010, down from 23 […]

New Conferences Partnerships

Methods & Tools is proud to have been chosen as media partner by 8th International Conference on Agile Processes in Software Engineering and eXtreme Programming June 18-22 2007, Como, Italy ApacheCon Europe 2007 May 1-4 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands