New Conferences Partnerships

Methods & Tools is proud to have been chosen this week as media partner by Qcon London, March 12-16 2007, London, UK Eclipse Forum Europe 2007 April 23-27 2007, Wiesbaden, Germany International PHP Conference 2007 May 21 ­ 23 2007, Ludwigsburg, Germany

A Gem About Ruby

When I surf the Web to find articles for my software development articles directory, I discover a lot of very interesting content. Sometimes you find articles that are more than interesting: “Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby” is not just a great Ruby tutorial, it is an artwork ;o) Even if you do not program in Ruby, […]

The Limits of Cost Cutting

Excerpt from: Stanley Bing, “The 0% Solution”, Fortune, Europe Edition, December 18, 2006 News comes from the Department of Labor that productivity growth in nonfarm business in the U.S. hit a critical number in the third quarter. That number was zero, as in naught, as in nothing, no growth at all, not even something you […]

Software Factories: Success or Failure?

A recent InfoWorld article publicized the blog post of S. Somasegar, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Developer Division, celebrating the fact that its Software Factories product had more than 100,000 downloads in six months. The InfoWorld article was rather negative on the technology as an analyst defined the Software Factory technology as “unimportant”. Initiatives like the […]