Quote of the Month December 2016

Experience shows that architecting is not something that’s performed once, early in a project. Rather, architecting is applied over the life of the project; the architecture is grown through the delivery of a series of incremental and iterative deliveries of executable software. At each delivery, the architecture becomes more complete and stable, which raises the obvious question of what the focus of the architect is through the life of the project.

Successful software architecting efforts are results-driven. Thus, the focus of the architect changes over time as the desired results change over time.

[…] It should be noted that the concerns of discovery, invention, and implementation are not strictly sequential. Some implementation occurs early in the project as architectural prototypes are constructed, and some discovery occurs late in the project as lessons are learned and different strategies for implementing certain elements of the architecture are put in place.

Source: The Process of Software Architecting, Peter Eeles & Peter Cripps, Addison-Wesley