Quote of the Month February 2020 – Self-Organizing and Empowerment

Healthy, high-performing teams decide how they are organized, how they work, and what tools and processes they use. To do this, they need to be held accountable for the value and quality of results they deliver, not micro-managed on how to get those results. No one approach works in all situations. The people doing the work, however, are the ones best able to decide how to do it. One size does not fit all, and a key learning from the Agile community is: by prescribing a fixed “Agile” process for every situation, you end up with the opposite of agility. Instead, focus on an empirical approach that starts from idea and finishes with customers. That means, clear alignment around customers for the whole value stream.

Source: The Convergence of Scrum and DevOps, https://www.scrum.org/resources/convergence-scrum-and-devops