Quote of the Month November 2019 – Expecting High Performance

Expecting high performance does not mean that you demand it. Expecting high performance means that you simply know achieving it is more than possible, it is normal. Expecting high performance means that you believe the team can attain it, so you hold them, compassionately and firmly, to that expectation. By believing, you urge them to strive for a vision of what they can become together. They get call forth to me more than they are now.

[…] You believe in high performance, but what is it? It’s a slippery thing; high-performance models, assessments, and descriptions abound, yet a satisfying all-inclusive dictionary-type definition eludes. You will not find that kin of definition of high performance in this book, either. I seek not to pin it down but to free it by acknowledging that high performance is not as much about achieving a certain state as it is a journey toward something better.

Source: “Coaching Agile Teams”, Lyssa Adkins, Addison Wesley, IBSN 978-0-321-63770-3