Agility and Discipline Made Easy

The goal of this book is to present good practices for software development that are based on OpenUP and RUP, but independently of these processes. The practices are grouped according to six principles:

  • Demonstrate value iteratively
  • Focus continuously on quality
  • Balance stakeholder priorities
  • Collaborate across teams
  • Elevate the level of abstraction
  • Adapt the process

For each practice, the authors propose a definition, practical advice on how to apply and adopt the practice, related practices and further readings. This material is very practical and contains many references to “real life” situations. The practices are selected from RUP and OpenUP and each chapter has a section devoted to compare the situation in other approaches, mainly XP and Scrum.

This book is full of practical knowledge and I will recommend it to every software developer. The only thing that bothers me is that the authors seemed to be forced to apply the “agile” label on their UP practices, with the implicit assumption that “if it is not waterfall, it is agile” and “if it is not agile it is not good”.

References on the Web:
Eclipse Process Framework Project (EPF)