At a time when the crowdfunding and microfinance initiatives are growing in different domains, it is also important to ask ourselves what we could do to make the (software development) world a better place. In this domain, I would like to share with you the initiative of CodersTrust that works currently with software developers in Bangladesh and India but plans to expand its activity to other areas of the world.

The goal of CodersTrust is to “democratizes access to education by creating an entirely new education infrastructure to serve the demand of the freelance marketplaces. This is achieved through microloans that help students in specific countries taking the time to upgrade their software development skills in order to get better jobs. The students can then market their skills on online freelance platforms and they can begin to repay their loan. There is currently no channel for individual donation to this organization, but if you are interested in mentoring a student, you can get in touch with CoderTrust.

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