My 10 Favorites Agile Project Management Articles

This is a (personal) list of articles dealing with agile project management, Scrum and Kanban that I like. I have chosen to include material that is longer than the usual (short) blog posting. I encourage readers to give more objectivity to this subjective set by submitting in the comments what they preferred ;o)

Agile, Multidisciplinary Teamwork by Gautam Ghosh

The Agile Customer’s Toolkit by Tom Poppendieck

Making Your Culture Work with Agile, Kanban & Software Craftsmanship by Michael Sahota

Managing the Work in an Agile Project by Dan Rawsthorne

The ScrumMaster Job Description by Sam Laing

Measuring Integrated Progress on Agile Software Development Projects by Tamara Sulaiman & Hubert Smits

Visualizing Agile Projects using Kanban Boards by Kenji Hiranabe

The Pomodoro Technique (The Pomodoro) by Francesco Cirillo

Agile Fixed Price Projects part 1: “The Price Is Right” Agile Fixed Price Projects part 2: “Do you want agility with that?” by Pascal Van Cauwenberghe

The Need for Agile Project Management by Mike Cohn and Ken Schwaber

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