Software Architecture Articles of 2012

Software architecture is a key factor for the sustainability of software applications. If you are developing software that need to evolve or scale, you will find below some articles published in 2012 and that will provide you with interesting knowledge on various aspects of software architecture like Cloud, SOA, web services, Agile or patterns.

Architecting for Sustainable Software Delivery

With increasing emphasis on avionics system rapid development and reduced cycle times, software architecting practices can be applied with agility to enhance evolving stakeholder concerns while sustaining long-term business goals.

SOA and Cloud Computing

You might like to know more about the impact of other architecture styles and trends on SOA. This article explains why SOA is a good fit for cloud-based deployments and how the cloud affects SOA. Dividing business capabilities into autonomous components fits well both gradual transitioning to public clouds and hybrid cloud setups.

A Risk-Driven Model for Agile Software Architecture

The Risk-Driven Model guides developers to do just enough architecture by identifying their project’s most pressing risks and applying only Agile architecture and design techniques that mitigate them.

Service Design Patterns: From Objects to Web Services

Web services have been put into practical use for many years. In this time, developers and architects have encountered a number of recurring design challenges related to their usage. We have also learned that certain design approaches work better than others to solve certain problems. This article explains what services are and how web services address the shortcomings of their predecessors.

Pattern-Based Architecture Reviews

This article discusses a pattern-based architecture review process to help with quality attributes as well as agile practices like frequent releases.

Understand Representational State Transfer (REST) in Ruby

REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a distributed communication architecture that is quickly becoming the lingua franca for clouds. It’s simple, yet expressive enough to represent the plethora of cloud resources and overall configuration and management. Learn how to develop a simple REST agent from the ground up in Ruby to learn its implementation and use.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Solution – Architecture and Design

A review some of the key architecture and design issues that should be addressed by Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse projects.

How Software Architecture Learns

In the field of software design and software architecture, analogies are often made to building architecture. And these analogies are often criticized. However, building architecture has been in practice for many hundreds of years where software architecture has only been around for less than fifty and only recently recognized by some as discipline. Software architects rarely go back and look at their work and how it has fared over time.

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