Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust

The title of this book from Watts S. Humphrey is a little bit deceiving as its main focus is rather on the Team Software Process (TSP).  If you are your interested in a broader perspective on software development management or leadership, you should rather read Humphrey’s “Reflections on Management“. The information in the book is […]

Winter 2009 issue of Methods & Tools

Winter 2009 issue has just been published with the following articles: * Refactoring Large Software Systems * An Introduction to Domain Driven Design * Agile Coaching Tips * Are Enterprise AJAX Applications Doomed…Or Are We? * Does Process Improvement Really Pay Off? * SQuirreL SQL Client 60 pages of software development knowledge that you can […]

The Eleventh Commandment of Software Development

During my software development career, I have seen many software development approaches or methodologies used in different organizations. When a new and supposedly better approach is promoted, some people tend to adopt it with an attitude that could sometimes be close to a religious zeal. Software companies have noticed this and they now employ “product […]