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[26 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Linkopedia July 2010 | ]

Blog: Thoughts on two months of pairing
Blog: Why I Don’t Like Pair Programming (and Why I Left Pivotal)
Blog: MSTest vs. NUnit with Visual Studio 2010 & TDD
Blog: Relational Data, Document Databases and Schema Design
Blog: Achieving Agility: Means to an End, or End in Itself
Blog: Lessons learned in building a Model Driven Software Factory
Humor: JavaZone 2010 Promotion Movie
Web Site: HTML5 Rocks
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[7 Jan 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

There are many configurations for developers to work together, but one of the common things that you will share with your colleagues is the toilet. Visiting the lavatories is also something that you will most likely to do every day. You could think of this as an intimate and mandatory version of the continuous integration paradigm. The toilet paper is one of the essential and ephemeral resources for this activity. Benjamin Franklin is quoted to have said “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” I would personally …