Jazoon Reports: Java SE and SDK 7 + Java and Flex Talks

The first keynote of the Jazoon conference was presented by Danny Coward. He mentioned that we were close to the 15 anniversary of Java that was officially announced May 23 1995. On the historical side, he also showed us a nice video of James Gosling demonstrating in 1992 a prototype running on what will become […]

A (Mostly) Agile Java Day at Jazoon

Methods & Tools is the sponsor of a large number of software development conferences, but I cannot find the time and budget to visit them. This year I managed to find some time after the publication of my summer issue to visit Wednesday the Jazoon, an important Java event located in Zurich. Besides the global morning […]

Linkopedia February 2009

DevCreek is a community dedicated to improving software quality through the collection, analysis and sharing of project metrics. DomainDrivenDesign.org is a open forum to share ideas and interact with other people interested in domain-driven design. Apache Cayenne is an open source persistence framework providing object-relational mapping (ORM) and remoting services Speed up your Web pages. […]