Building the Right Product

“In the last decade, the software development community has strived to build software the “right” way, focusing on technical practices and ideas to ensure high-quality results. But building the product right and building the right product are two different things. We need to do both in order to succeed.

Software Quality Attributes

I am currently reading the excellent book “Managing Software Debt – Building for Inevitable Change” written by Chris Sterling. The book deals with the debt that created at every stage of software development. In its introduction, the book offers an interesting list of the software quality attributes. Even if the author does not claim for […]

Using Experts Tools to Stop Serial Developers

In the television world, experts track criminals using DNA found on the crime scene. Luckily we don’t have serial killers in the software development world, but we have what I will call “serial developers”. If I had to “profile” them, I would say that they are often young, having recently completed their software development education, […]