Code Refactoring Resources

Martin Fowler defined refactoring as a ” disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior”. In the days of Agile development where code is delivered after one or two week cycles, you start quickly to deal with “legacy” code, what was know as “maintenance” for […]

How Do You Refactor Untested Code?

I am currently reading the excellent “Debug It!” book written by Paul Butcher and I wanted to share with you some of the little gems that I have found in it. “Bug fixing often uncovers opportunities for refactoring. The very fact that you’re working with code that contains a bug indicates that there is a […]

Linkopedia November 2008

38 Software design tips from the creator of C++  gives useful software design tips from Bjarne Stroustrup Agile Chronicles #1: Stressful The Agile Chronicles is a set of articles documenting my experiences using an Agile process (Scrum) in software development. Refactoring Service Dependencies to Separated Interface  This post presents a common scenario wherein business logic is tightly […]